Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - RAD



The protagonist of PMD Rad. Quiet, anxious, compulsive liar. Speaks with a stutter. Used to be a human, but doesn't remember much besides her name. Professional scrub, needs to learn to git gud.



Peppy, talkative, and totally not a nerd. He has a thing for adventures, doesnt really like gengars. Traumatic mystery past, "Human" is his trigger word.



Antagonistic, self-absorbed tough guy, but also a friend? Picks on Rodney because he likes the reaction. Can be brooding and mysterious.



Wigglytuff's assistant. Chronically unimpressed, bossy loudmouth. Prides himself on being the guild's Head of Intelligence. Don't Take No Shenanigans from Nobody.



Bubbly guildmaster at the Treasure Town's Explorer's guild. Professional explorer/rescuer, world renowned. Known for his tenacity. Completely obsessed with Perfect Apples and the cold fist of Justice.



Rigel, Atria and Alpha Centauri. Three of the many Chingling inhabitants of Mystifying Forest. Nosey, noisy, fast little turds who answer to one "Mr. The Sage".



Stoic dude who knows many things. Incahoots with The Voice of Life. Has a gnarly crack gracing the right side of his face. Sarcastic, sassy, yellow. Often referred to as "Mr. The Sage." In hiding, because he is a weenie.